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the prospect has identified a solution strategy and is compiling a list of available vendors so they can make a decision. Later in this guide, we’ll look into each of these stages in detail and how to optimize your strategies. Businesses that rely on the inbound methodology save empowering them with the right information. more than $14 for every newly acquired customer. 46% of marketers have reported higher ROI with inbound marketing, compared to 12% for outbound. But a properly optimized landing page — one that successfully incorporates your USP, offer, offer benefits, social proof, and strong CTA — can make all the difference.

This is aimless wandering mixed with information overload, and studies have shown that these factors combine to form one of the major factors why people leave websites without committing any action. Obvious points of concern — such as whether your pages are optimized for mobile devices, load quickly, etc. — have been purposely omitted. Vital technical aspects of your site can be found in Chapter Two of this guide. In this chapter of our Digital Marketing 101 guide, we’ll show you how to put yourself on the right side of that equation.

Your site’s landing pages should be created with a focus on allowing visitors to accomplish a singular goal. This goal, after all, is the reason why they decided to visit in the first place. At the end of the day, the goal of any PPC campaign is to drive leads for your business for as little money as possible.

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If you create the right pudding, you’ll see the proof, perhaps right away. Up to this time, traffic had been sent to the main inventory page of the A&J site. Keep in mind, though, studies have shown that your business’ industry may determine the color of your CTA button. Ask yourself – “what is the exact business objective I want to achieve” – when creating the landing page. Maybe your CTA is to download a whitepaper, watch a video, fill out a quote form, place a phone call, or sign up for a newsletter. If your software increased the productivity of Company X by 300%, say so.

It’s the cross-section between what you do better than anyone else and what your customer wants. The key is, putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

This could even be key excerpts from extensive case studies you’re created that detail how your services have helped another company excel in a number of areas. It’s no coincidence as to why product reviews take up so much room on Amazon. This is a process known as building a story brand, introduced to the mainstream by marketer Donald Miller. To best communicate how your product or service will address your visitors’ needs, you must refrain from talking about your product or service. Even more, identifying your USP can and probably will take time and research. Of these five elements, this is undoubtedly the hardest to implement, and most business owners have not considered their true USP until they are forced to do so.