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“second draw” applications must demonstrate losses of 25 percent in the second quarter of 2020 over the previous year. In addition, $25 billion of the $284 billion program is set aside for businesses with 10 or fewer employees. “There are huge segments of small businesses that have lost everything or are on the verge of it, ” said Calley during an early January interview. Yet national data from Opportunity Insights shows that small business revenue in Michigan was down 35. 3 percent in December compared to January 2020. Over the same period, 37. 1 percent fewer small businesses were open in the state. The steepest decline is among the businesses affected by Michigan’s restrictions on indoor dining and gathering, including leisure and hospitality businesses, which showed 60. 8 percent fewer establishments open at year-end.

Those businesses account for about one-half of the state’s jobs. The largest share comes among businesses with 100 employees or fewer. Michigan officials expect high demand, too, for the rollout of several state programs to aid small businesses and employees affected by the state’s restrictions on several types of businesses, including bars and restaurants. Demand is expected to be high across the country, say business advocates who spent much of last week distributing information as it became available.

Part of Stevens’ effort now includes encouraging business owners to see if they’re eligible for state and federal programs that policymakers said they hope will keep doors open at places that are struggling due to the pandemic. Brown said Chopra will return the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to its central mission of protecting consumers and also will “ensure the agency plays a leading role in combatting racial inequities in our financial system. ” The senior Republican on the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, said Gensler’s receptiveness to new financial technologies and cryptocurrency is positive. But he added, “I fear Democrats want to steer the away from bipartisan common ground in an attempt to achieve their most partisan goals. ”

It is the goal of LaMarche & Associates to help you feel more confident with your financial future. Tom Jacobs from Jacobs Financial Services can help you wade through all of the uncertainty of the times. Financial Expert, Nick Sapienza returned to News15 at Noon top share answers to common financial questions. King was elected by his board peers in 2019 to serve as 2020 chairman-elect, according to a statement, and on Jan. 1 he began serving in his new chairman role.

Gensler has been a leader and adviser of Biden’s transition team responsible for the Federal Reserve, banking issues and securities regulation. If you are a service member, active or retired, these financial management classes are free for you at Mayport’s fleet and family support center. Now he is serving our military men and women, from all branches, by helping them make the best financial decisions for their futures. Now he’s serving our military men and women, from all branches, by helping them make the best financial choices.

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